2 Zodiac Signs Experience Major Abundance on May 1st (It’s Not Who You Think!)

On Wednesday, May 5th, as the Last Quarter Moon graces the celestial stage in Aquarius, prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation. This lunar phase ignites a spark of inspiration, urging you to refocus your energy on your aspirations while shedding any distractions that hinder your progress.

Embracing the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The Last Quarter Moon marks a period of readiness, signaling the need to make room in your life for new beginnings. With the innovative and unconventional energy of Aquarius guiding the way, you’re encouraged to reassess your priorities and discern what truly aligns with your goals.

Aquarius, known for its forward-thinking nature, prompts you to examine any lingering attachments that may be holding you back. By dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to your desires, you can create the space needed to sow the seeds of abundance for the future.

Zodiac Signs Poised for Abundance

  1. Gemini:
    Abundance Affirmation for Gemini: “I am clearing the path for my dreams to take flight.” Under the influence of Aquarius, Gemini finds themselves at the forefront of luck, abundance, and manifestation. As Jupiter prepares to enter your zodiac sign, embracing growth and expansion becomes paramount. Use this time to prepare for the opportunities on the horizon by shedding limiting beliefs and embracing your true potential.
  2. Taurus:
    Abundance Affirmation for Taurus: “I am ready to release all that isn’t meant for me so I can receive what is.” In the realm of career and success, Taurus is called to reassess their approach. Aquarius’ influence prompts a reflection on whether fear or scarcity mindset impedes the flow of abundance. Take this opportunity to purge what no longer serves you and operate from a place of confidence and self-worth.

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Preparing for New Beginnings

As the Last Quarter Moon illuminates the sky, take a moment to release any internal barriers standing between you and your dreams. Reflect on your aspirations and commit to prioritizing them in your life. Consider jotting down your intentions to solidify your commitment and take actionable steps towards manifesting your desires.


With the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius as our guide, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and abundance. By releasing what no longer serves us and embracing our true desires, we pave the way for a new chapter filled with prosperity and growth.

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