Keke Palmer Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign, Horoscope and Astrology

Lauren Keyana “Keke” Palmer, born on August 26, 1993, in Harvey, Illinois, United States, is a multifaceted artist known for her acting, singing, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Let’s explore the celestial blueprint that shapes Keke Palmer’s astrological birth chart.

Keke Palmer Birth Chart

natal chart, also known as a birth chart, provides a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of an individual’s birth. It reveals the positions of planets, signs, and houses, offering insights into personality traits, strengths, and challenges.

Keke Palmer Birth Chart
Keke Palmer Birth Chart

Keke Palmer’s Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

  1. Sun Sign (Virgo):
    • Keke’s sun sign represents her core essence. As a Virgo, she embodies practicality, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. Virgos seek perfection and thrive in organized environments.
  2. Moon Sign (Sagittarius):
    • Keke’s moon sign reveals her emotional landscape. Sagittarians are adventurous, optimistic, and love exploring new horizons. Her emotions thrive when she is engaged in learning and self-discovery.
  3. Rising Sign (Leo):
    • Keke’s rising sign (ascendant) influences her outward demeanor. Leos are confident, creative, and love the spotlight. Her rising sign colors her first impressions and how others perceive her.

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Planetary Placements

Let’s delve into Keke Palmer’s planetary lineup:

  • Sun in Virgo (10th House): Her creative expression shines through career and public recognition.
  • Moon in Sagittarius (1st House): Keke’s emotions are intertwined with self-identity and personal growth.
  • Mercury in Pisces (9th House): Her communication style is intuitive and compassionate.
  • Venus in Aries (9th House): Keke values independence, adventure, and authenticity.
  • Mars in Aquarius (8th House): Her drive is fueled by innovation and transformation.
  • Jupiter in Taurus (10th House): Expanding her influence through persistence and determination.
  • Saturn in Capricorn (7th House): deepening commitments and partnerships.
  • Uranus in Sagittarius (5th House): unconventional creativity and self-expression.
  • Neptune in Capricorn (7th House): Her imagination shapes her relationships.
  • Pluto in Scorpio (6th House): Profound transformation through work and health.


Keke Palmer’s birth chart weaves a cosmic narrative—a blend of earth, fire, and water energies. Remember, astrology offers insights, but our choices shape our destiny. Keke’s celestial journey continues to inspire fans, both on screen and beyond.


What is Keke Palmer’s birth chart?

Keke Palmer’s birth chart reveals a Virgo Sun in the 2nd house, highlighting her practical, analytical nature and a focus on values and material security.

Is Keke Palmer a Taurus?

No, Keke Palmer is actually a Virgo (born on August 26, 1993).

What is the rarest natal chart?

The grand square, or grand cross, is said to be the rarest natal chart. It occurs only when the four personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus) are separately placed from each other by ninety-degree angles.

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