Pedro Pascal Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign, Horoscope, and Astrology Insights

Pedro Pascal, the talented Chilean-American actor, was born on April 2, 1975 in Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile. Pedro Pascal birth chart is a unique astrological map that reflects the positions of planets and celestial bodies at the time of his birth. It provides insights into his personality, strengths, and challenges.

Let’s delve into the celestial configurations that shape his astrological birth chart.

Pedro Pascal Zodiac Sign

  • Pedro Pascal was born on April 2, 1975, in Santiago, Chile.
  • His sun sign is Aries, symbolizing courage, leadership, and a pioneering spirit. Arians are known for their assertiveness and determination. Pedro’s sun is positioned at 12° 20’ Aries.
  • The moon sign represents emotions and instincts. Pedro’s moon sign is Capricorn, suggesting practicality, ambition, and a disciplined approach. His moon is at 3° 09’ Capricorn, emphasizing his grounded nature.
  • Pedro’s rising sign (ascendant) is either Gemini or Cancer. Due to uncertainty about his exact birth time, he could be either. However, he comes across as polite, unassuming, kind, open-hearted, and caring during interviews, which aligns with Cancer rising.

Pedro Pascal Birth Chart

Pedro Pascal’s birth chart includes an Aries sun, Capricorn moon, and unknown rising sign. He was born on April 2, 1975 in Santiago, Chile, so he is an Aries, but his exact time of birth is unknown. Pascal has theorized that he is either a Cancer rising or Gemini rising. 

According to, Pascal’s birth chart also includes:

Pedro Pascal Birth Chart
Pedro Pascal Birth Chart
  • Houses 9, 7, and 8
  • Fire, Water, and Cardinal
  • Wood Rabbit
  • Birth Path 1 

According to, Pascal is sensual and aroused by physical attributes of romantic interests. He also has deep and enduring feelings, and is especially attracted to partners who are sensual, willing to play at submissiveness, and share his taste for comfort and luxury. 

According to, some of Pascal’s character traits include:

  • Intuition, energy, courage, self-confidence, and enthusiasm
  • Withdrawn sensitivity
  • Instinctive and intuitive thinking
  • Strong instincts and desire for intense amorous passions
  • Natural energy
  • Paradoxical way of taking action

Certainly! Let’s delve into the astrological realm and explore Pedro Pascal’s birth chart. 🌟

  • Sun in Aries (12° 17’): Pedro was born on April 2, 1975, making him an Aries. Aries individuals are known for their boldness, independence, and pioneering spirit. They thrive on challenges and are natural leaders.
  • Moon in Capricorn (2° 32’): The Moon represents emotions and instincts. With a Capricorn Moon, Pedro likely has a practical, disciplined, and ambitious approach to life. He values stability and achievement.
  • Mercury in Pisces (26° 42’): Mercury governs communication and intellect. In Pisces, Pedro’s mind is imaginative, intuitive, and empathetic. He may express himself artistically or through spiritual insights.
  • Venus in Taurus (16° 35’): Venus influences love, relationships, and aesthetics. In Taurus, Pedro appreciates beauty, sensuality, and material comforts. He seeks stability and loyalty in romantic connections.
  • Mars in Aquarius (23° 2’): Mars represents action and drive. In Aquarius, Pedro’s energy is unconventional, innovative, and focused on humanitarian causes. He may be drawn to social activism.
  • Jupiter in Aries (3° 37’): Jupiter signifies expansion and growth. In Aries, Pedro’s optimism and enthusiasm drive him to take risks and explore new horizons. He’s a trailblazer.
  • Saturn in Cancer (12° 17’): Saturn symbolizes responsibility and structure. In Cancer, Pedro may have a strong connection to family, home, and emotional security. He’s nurturing and protective.
  • Uranus in Scorpio (1° 13’) (retrograde): Uranus represents individuality and rebellion. In Scorpio, Pedro’s quest for transformation and depth is intense. Retrograde Uranus suggests inner awakening.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius (11° 41’) (retrograde): Neptune governs dreams and spirituality. In Sagittarius, Pedro seeks higher truths and philosophical understanding. Retrograde Neptune enhances introspection.
  • Pluto in Libra (7° 46’) (retrograde): Pluto signifies transformation and power. In Libra, Pedro’s focus is on relationships, justice, and balance. Retrograde Pluto prompts inner exploration.
  • North Node in Sagittarius (3° 44’) (retrograde): The North Node represents life purpose. In Sagittarius, Pedro’s path involves expanding knowledge, seeking adventure, and embracing diversity.


  • Mars sextile Chiron (0°): Pedro’s actions can heal and empower others.
  • Sun square Saturn (0°): Challenges related to authority and self-discipline.
  • Jupiter trine North Node (0°): Fortunate alignment for growth and purpose.
  • Moon sextile Uranus (1°): Emotional adaptability and innovation.
  • Moon square Jupiter (1°): Balancing emotions and expansion.
  • Sun trine Neptune (1°): Creative inspiration and spiritual connection.
  • Pluto sextile North Node (4°): Transformation aligns with life purpose.
  • Venus sextile Saturn (4°): Harmonizing love and responsibility.
  • Jupiter opposition Pluto (4°): Power struggles and transformation.
  • Saturn square Pluto (5°): Intense challenges for growth.
  • Moon square Pluto (5°): Emotional depth and transformation.
  • Sun opposition Pluto (5°): Personal power dynamics.
  • Moon square Mercury (6°): Emotional communication challenges.
  • Venus square Mars (7°): Tension between love and desire.
  • Mercury conjunction Jupiter (7°): Expansive thinking and communication.
  • Uranus opposition Chiron (8°): Healing through unconventional means.
  • Jupiter trine Neptune (8°): Spiritual growth and inspiration.
  • Mars trine Uranus (8°): Bold actions aligned with innovation.

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Pedro Pascal Birth Chart Pattern

  • T-Square: Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Capricorn, and Pluto in Libra. Balancing ambition, practicality, and transformation.
  • T-Square: Pluto in Libra, Saturn in Cancer, and Sun in Aries. Navigating relationships, security, and self-expression.
Pedro Pascal Birth Chart
Pedro Pascal Birth Chart

Special Features:

  • Pedro was born during a waning gibbous Moon.
  • Mars is involved in nine aspects.
  • Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer are in mutual reception.

Remember, astrology offers insights, but each person’s journey is unique. Pedro Pascal’s birth chart reflects a fascinating blend of energies that shape his personality and experiences. 🌠✨


What are Pedro Pascal’s Big 3?

Pedro Pascal’s Big 3: Pedro Pascal’s Big 3 refers to his sun sign (Aries), moon sign (Capricorn), and rising sign (either Gemini or Cancer).

Does Pedro Pascal have kids?

Pedro Pascal’s Kids: As of my last update, Pedro Pascal does not have any publicly known children.

Is Pedro Pascal an Aries?

Pedro Pascal’s Zodiac Sign: Yes, Pedro Pascal is an Aries.

What is Pedro Pascal’s birth chart?

Pedro Pascal’s Birth Chart: Pedro Pascal’s birth chart is a unique astrological map that reflects the positions of planets and celestial bodies at the time of his birth. It provides insights into his personality, strengths, and challenges.

Is Pedro Pascal a Taurus?

Pedro Pascal as a Taurus: No, Pedro Pascal is not a Taurus. His sun sign is Aries.

Is Pedro Pascal Hispanic?

Pedro Pascal’s Ethnicity: Pedro Pascal is of Chilean-American descent, making him Hispanic.

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