Safiya Nygaard Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign, Horoscope, and Astrology Insights

Certainly! Let’s delve into the astrological world of Safiya Nygaard, the popular digital content creator known for her engaging YouTube videos. Born on July 16th, 1992, in Santa Clara, California, United States, Safiya has made a significant impact with her unique blend of humor, curiosity, and in-depth research.

According to, Safiya Nygaard has an astrology birth chart that includes additional features, such as the Ascendant and MC, and inner planets that refer to Sun to Jupiter

NameNygaard, Safiya Gender: F
born on16 July 1992 at 20:15 (= 8:15 PM )
PlacePalo Alto, California, 37n27, 122w09
TimezonePDT h7w (is daylight saving time)
Data sourceFrom memory, Rodden Rating A Collector: Astrodienst
Astrology datas_su.18.gif s_cancol.18.gif 24°48′ s_mo.18.gif s_aqucol.18.gif 20°23 Asc.s_capcol.18.gif 22°23′

You can watch a video on YouTube about how to easily read a birth chart given below. 

Safiya Nygaard’s Birth Chart

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Sun Sign: Cancer (24° 47’)

  • Safiya’s zodiac sign is Cancer, which belongs to the Water element of astrology, along with Pisces and Scorpio. The symbol of Cancer is the crab, representing a protective and nurturing nature. As a Cancer, Safiya is known for her intuition, emotional depth, and loyalty.

Moon in Aquarius (20° 22’)

  • The Moon in Safiya’s birth chart is in Aquarius, positioned in the 1st house. This combination suggests an individual who values independence, originality, and intellectual pursuits. Aquarius moons are often forward-thinking and open-minded.
Safiya Nygaard Zodiac
Safiya Nygaard Zodiac

Rising Sign (Ascendant): Capricorn

  • Safiya’s rising sign (ascendant) is Capricorn, located in the 1st house. Capricorn rising individuals are disciplined, ambitious, and focused on achieving their goals. They project a serious and responsible demeanor.

Here are Others key planetary positions and aspects in her natal chart:

  1. Mercury in Leo (17° 8’): Mercury governs communication and intellect. In Leo, Safiya’s expression is likely confident and creative.
  2. Venus in Leo (4° 0’): Venus relates to love, beauty, and relationships. In Leo, Safiya appreciates drama, passion, and self-expression.
  3. Mars in Taurus (23° 20’): Mars signifies action and drive. In Taurus, Safiya’s determination and persistence are grounded and practical.
  4. Jupiter in Virgo (12° 23’): Jupiter represents expansion and growth. In Virgo, Safiya’s optimism is channeled through practicality and attention to detail.
  5. Saturn in Aquarius (16° 40’, retrograde): Saturn signifies discipline and responsibility. Retrograde Saturn may indicate inner reflection and reevaluation.
  6. Uranus in Capricorn (15° 39’, retrograde): Uranus represents innovation and rebellion. Retrograde Uranus suggests an internalized process of change.
  7. Neptune in Capricorn (17° 22’, retrograde): Neptune symbolizes dreams and illusions. Retrograde Neptune may lead to introspection and spiritual exploration.
  8. Pluto in Scorpio (20° 12’, retrograde): Pluto relates to transformation and power. Retrograde Pluto hints at inner transformation and hidden depths.
  9. North Node in Sagittarius (29° 18’, retrograde): The North Node points to life lessons and growth. Retrograde North Node suggests revisiting past experiences.
  10. Chiron in Leo (10° 55’): Chiron represents healing and vulnerability. In Leo, Safiya’s wounds may relate to self-expression and creativity.

Other Notable Planet Positions:

  • MercuryVenus, and Chiron in Leo (7th house): Safiya’s charismatic communication style and ability to captivate her audience.
  • Saturn in Aquarius (1st house): Discipline, commitment, and a sense of responsibility.
  • Uranus in Capricorn (12th house): An unconventional approach to spirituality and hidden aspects of life.
  • Jupiter in Virgo (8th house): Interest in research, analysis, and self-improvement.
  • Neptune (Retrograde) in Capricorn (12th house): A blend of practicality and intuition.
  • Pluto (Retrograde) in Scorpio (10th house): Transformation and intensity in career pursuits.
  • North Node (Retrograde) in Capricorn (12th house): Karmic lessons related to self-discovery and spirituality.

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  • Sun Sextile Mars: Harmonious energy between self-expression and action.
  • Mercury Opposition Saturn: Balancing communication and responsibility.
  • Mars Trine Ascendant: Positive alignment between drive and outward expression.
  • Pluto Sextile Ascendant: Transformational energy influencing personal presentation.
  • Jupiter Sextile MC: Favorable alignment for career and public life.

Chart Patterns:

  • Grand Cross: Involving Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and Mars.
  • Rectangle: Featuring Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Ascendant.

Special Features:

  • Safiya was born during a waning gibbous moon phase.
  • The Fixed mode dominates among the inner planets.
  • Most inner planets are located in the top hemisphere of the chart.

Remember, astrology provides insights, but individual experiences vary. Safiya Nygaard’s birth chart reflects her unique journey and potential. 🌟🔮

Overall Impression

Safiya Nygaard’s birth chart reveals a fascinating blend of creativity, intellect, and emotional depth. Her Sun in Cancer, coupled with her Moon in Aquarius, suggests a balance between nurturing qualities and a quest for independence. With her engaging content and relatable personality, Safiya continues to leave a lasting impact on her audience.

Remember, astrology provides insights, but each individual is unique, and personal experiences shape our lives beyond the stars. 🌟🦀✨


Why is Safiya Nygaard so popular?

Safiya Nygaard gained popularity due to her engaging YouTube content, which combines humor, curiosity, and in-depth research. Her relatable personality and unique approach resonate with viewers.

How old is Safiya?

Safiya Nygaard was born on July 16th, 1992, making her 31 years old as of now.

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